Weekly SVN Snapshot: OK

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Weekly SVN Snapshot: OK void Nov 16, 2018 top right image
Fri Nov 16 03:00:00 EST 2018
--- Exporting fltk-1.4.x...
--- Executing: svn export http://seriss.com/public/fltk/fltk/branches/branch-1.4 /tmp/fltk
-- completed successfully
--- Executing: svn log -r13121:13118 http://seriss.com/public/fltk/fltk/branches/branch-1.4
Executing: cd /tmp/fltk-1.4.x-r13121; autoconf
Executing: cd /tmp/fltk-1.4.x-r13121; rm -rf autom4te*.cache
Executing: sync; cd /tmp; tar czf /usr/www/users/seriss/fltk.org/www/trunk/pub/fltk/snapshots/fltk-1.4.x-r13121.tar.gz fltk-1.4.x-r13121
Created fltk-1.4.x-r13121.tar.gz...
Executing: sync; cd /tmp; tar cjf /usr/www/users/seriss/fltk.org/www/trunk/pub/fltk/snapshots/fltk-1.4.x-r13121.tar.bz2 fltk-1.4.x-r13121
Created fltk-1.4.x-r13121.tar.bz2...
--- UPDATING REVISION: revisions[fltk-1.4.x] = 13121
Executing: rm -rf /tmp/fltk-1.4.x-r13121
--- Writing new snapshots.md5...
--- Writing new revisions.php...
--- Done.
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