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[fltk/fltk] Modern UI components? (#229)

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[fltk/fltk] Modern UI components? (#229) Ingwie Phoenix May 07, 2021  

Hey there!

Been a while since I sat down to look at FLTK. But after looking at a good lot of GUI libraries, I end up back here... Not a bad thing, but rather unexpectedly.

So, the reason I came back is because I am looking into writing a small GUI app for PlayStation 3 save data manipulation - and since it's a little bit tricky, the current programs out there won't do, since a bit of logic is involved (long story short: when one counter is increased, two others have to be decreased accordingly. Current tools don't handle this scenario).

But looking at the default FLTK scheme is, well, odd. I have grown very used to dark themes, toggle buttons, odd-even row colouring and grouped lists of options and the likes. As for the colors, I know I can do with a theme (i think it was called a "scheme" in FLTK?) but toggle switches are a new component entirely.

How would I go about implementing a toggle switch in place of a checkbox - and align it to the right, whilst keeping a nice list view?

Basically: Qt is way too overkill, Electron's runtime cost is gigantic, wxWidgets relies on old Win32 APIs that do not have a way to access the modern components (although Project Reunion might do something there) and currently I don't have a great overview as for the situation on macOS and GTK. I really just want to provide a sleek, flat coloured UI in coherence to what modern UIs these days look like.

Kind regards, Ingwie

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