[fltk.coredev] What does the "fluid-cmd" exe do on the WIN32 builds?

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What does the "fluid-cmd" exe do on the WIN32 builds? Ian MacArthur 05:00 Oct 01 top right image

So, what *does* fluid-cmd.exe do?
It gets built by the cmake builds on Windows (the Makefile build doesn’t seem to build it?) but I cannot tell what it does - I can’t read cmake files very well, but it seems to be built out of the same things as “regular” fluid... and..?

Anyway, I noticed this because a 32-bit mingw checkout choked at build for me - stuck in fluid-cmd.exe, just sitting there... indefinitely...

Builds on other 32-bit machines didn’t show the issue, until I did a make clean, so when it then had to regenerate the various .fl files in the test directory, they too hang.

64-bit mingw builds appear to be immune (I need to check that properly though!) as did my recent msvc 32-bit IDE build.

What is it, what’s it for, how/why is it different from “regular” fluid, etc.?
And why does it hang?

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