Re: [fltk/fltk] windows+fltk1.3.x+1.4.x: "fluid -c somefile.fl" fails without error if .fl file unreadable (#224)

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Re: [fltk/fltk] windows+fltk1.3.x+1.4.x: "fluid -c somefile.fl" fails without error if .fl file unreadable (#224) erco77 Apr 27, 2021 top right image

OK, I'll try it later today if this second Pfizer shot doesn't knock me out.

In this all-windows app I've been working around which has the same issue; needs to provide both console and GUI interaction, I made a separate executable; one for windows called myapp, the other for console use called myapp-cmd.

It worked well because that way for sure the backend modules/classes had NO gui code mixed in; all gui code was in the myapp.cpp, and the console program myapp-cmd.cpp was pure stdin/out/err, not one line of gui code, and could compile without any of the FLTK libraries and their OS dependencies. Any interaction between the low level classes and GUI were done with messaging using a simple class.
This ensures the backend modules truly are modular and free of any GUI logic madness. I think fluid suffers from this a bit; there's a lot of GUI code mixed into the backend.

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