Re: [fltk/fltk] fltk (master) build errors (#222)

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Re: [fltk/fltk] fltk (master) build errors (#222) Albrecht Schlosser Apr 22, 2021 top right image

Problem 1: I got an error saying that <GL/glu.h> was not found. Now I know and I installed glu-devel and fixed that but why do I need OpenGL? I thought that it was disabled....

Answer 1: You need to repeat -D for each option you specify. I think you should get some warnings when you run the CMake command (from CMake) but I tested it and the extra parameters were silently ignored. :-(

Answer 2: Instead of glu-devel I installed on Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) freeglut3-dev which may have pulled in libglu1-mesa-dev and this worked fine.

Problem 2: I'm getting an error about some undefined references...

Answer 3: See above, answer 2.

Answer 4 (standard reply):
This is the wrong place to ask questions about building or running programs with FLTK (user support). FLTK "issues" are reserved for bug reports and requests for enhancements, for further information please visit
Please ask user questions in our user group fltk.general. Your questions will have a wider audience and you will likely get more and quicker replies.
Please include the system/platform (Windows, Linux, macOS), the build system (Visual Studio, CMake, Ninja), compiler (gcc, clang), compiler version, and build error messages in text form (copy and paste preferred). TIA.

I'm going to close this issue now because of answer 4.

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