[fltk/fltk] fltk (master) build errors (#222)

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[fltk/fltk] fltk (master) build errors (#222) Godnyx Apr 22, 2021 top right image

I'm trying to build the latest master fltk version using CMake and following the steps in the README.CMake.txt file but I'm having two errors. First I'll describe the steps I followed in any case:

  1. I downloaded fltk using git clone
  2. I changed (cd) to the fltk dir and created the build directory
  3. I changed to the build directory and used the following "command" to generate the Makefile
  4. The Makefile was generated with success so we're fine until now

When I tried to make the library, I got two error from which I was able to fix the one but I will still talk about it because It doesn't make any sense to me.

Problem 1: I got an error saying that <GL/glu.h> was not found. Now I know and I installed glu-devel and fixed that but why do I need OpenGL? I thought that it was disabled....
Problem 2: I'm getting an error about some undifined references. You can find the error info here

In case you need more info, I'm glad to provide it ;)

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