Re: [fltk.coredev] Fl_Choice initiates infinite loop

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Re: Fl_Choice initiates infinite loop Rob McDonald 17:01 Jun 17 top right image
On Friday, June 17, 2022 at 9:49:27 AM UTC-7 Albrecht Schlosser wrote:
Is a counter supposed to repeat events if you hold down the button?  I guess I'm failing to see how it doesn't behave like a normal button press and why we don't see this problem for all kinds of FLTK events.

Yes, it is supposed to repeat if you keep the mouse button pressed: once every 0.1 seconds after an initial delay of 0.5 seconds. This is also true if you drag the mouse over the buttons (while keeping the mouse button down, of course).

Interesting, I never realized that.  Sure enough, it works as described.

If it is 'supposed' to repeat, then I should probably avoid Fl_Counter in the first place and just use normal buttons.

What did you want to achieve with the Fl_Counter in the first place? Do you handle different buttons differently?

I don't use Fl_Counter very often in my program.  Usually the counter is limited to about 10 items, so there isn't much reason to fly through them quickly.

It looks like most 'normal' buttons, we don't actually trigger the event until button release.
Anyway, clicking on one of the buttons in a "normal" way should never trigger the auto-repeat function and this is what I don't understand (yet) in the macOS implementation. This is really a strange and unexpected behavior.

I appreciate all the effort by you and the rest of the FLTK team -- both on this bug and in general.



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