Re: [fltk.coredev] Fl_Choice initiates infinite loop

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Re: Fl_Choice initiates infinite loop Albrecht Schlosser 08:08 Jun 16 top right image
On 6/16/22 16:54 Albrecht Schlosser wrote:
On 6/16/22 05:58 Rob McDonald wrote:
Clicking a Fl_Choice will kick off an infinite loop with the choice repeatedly incrementing and firing off repeated events.  Instead of incrementing from 0 to 1, it goes to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.

Hmm, this sounds more like Fl_Counter rather than Fl_Choice. Correct?

FWIW: I can replicate the issue with Fl_Counter (sic!) and calling fl_message() in the callback.
Minimal test case (counter.cxx) attached.

Note that this test program exhibits the issue on Linux (git current) and even before commit 29d9e31c51e6c. In fact, it's also "broken" in FLTK 1.3 (git branch-1.3 latest). I didn't bother to test on macOS (yet).

Note for testers: once you trigger the loop you can either press and hold the "Escape" key to stop the program or you need to abort (kill) the program otherwise.

Note also that FLTK 1.4 creates lots of individual fl_message() windows whereas FLTK 1.3 creates only one window (that's an intended change in FLTK 1.4).

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