Re: [fltk.coredev] Please vote: add a Wayland platform to FLTK

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Re: Please vote: add a Wayland platform to FLTK Manolo 01:01 Jan 16 top right image

Le samedi 15 janvier 2022 à 17:35:00 UTC+1, Albrecht Schlosser a écrit :
How complicated would it be to ...

(a) write everything needed directly in FLTK as Bill suggested (IIRC) ?
Quite complicated.  I don't plan to do that because libdecor does it very well
and has been included in Linux distros.

(b) write a plugin for libdecor if that's easier than (a) ?
A would-be FLTK libdecor plugin would ultimately be a minor variation of the extant
libdecor-cairo.cxx. So, this solution is nearly identical to a modification of
the bundled libdecor part of FLTK.

Don't understand me wrong, it's only a question.

Theoretically I would prefer to use (a) rather than relying on libdecor if (when) we need to use client-side decorations and we don't need to care anyway on platforms that use server-side decorations.

The gitlab repo of libdecor has already committed a change I proposed via a
Merge Request to fix a crash when several windows are created and deleted.
Another one about window shades remaining under Weston on the display after minimization has
been committed to the Weston repo after I mentionned to libdecor's author this problem .
It's not been released yet, but I see a beta version of the next public Weston version
has been created 3 days ago.
I expect a third one to be committed to libdecor very soon, about a bug in the support

Therefore, it would make sense to propose a change in the fontsize used by libdecor-cairo
if there's a good case for it.

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