Re: [fltk.coredev] Please vote: add a Wayland platform to FLTK

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Re: Please vote: add a Wayland platform to FLTK Albrecht Schlosser 08:45 Jan 15 top right image
On 1/14/22 10:42 AM Manolo wrote:

It's now clear that Wayland is the future of Linux desktops, even if it's also clear that X11 clients will
be kept working via  X-servers as Wayland clients.

The FLTK Wayland platform improves on the X11 platform by drawing everything antialiased.
Conceivably, this benefit could be transferred to the X11 platform reusing
Fl_Wayland_Graphics_Driver which is a complete Cairo-based graphics driver.

This would be a very interesting new feature.

However, if we're talking about X11 I believe also that in the future all systems that provide X11 will also provide Wayland so users can choose between X11 (maybe faster but not antialiased) and Wayland (maybe slower but antialiased).

The only situation where you can't use Wayland and need X11 instead would be a remote X11 display [1] which Wayland does not support.

[1] i.e. usually a remote application with the local display (server) where the user is located.

It would still be interesting whether there's a noticeable difference in drawing speed (local Wayland/Cairo vs. local X11) of normal GUI operations.

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