Re: [fltk.coredev] Gesture progress for 1.4?

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Re: Gesture progress for 1.4? Albrecht Schlosser 06:07 Oct 12 top right image
On 10/12/21 12:57 AM Albrecht Schlosser wrote:
I wrote a small demo program (test/gestures.cxx). We can certainly improve it, but it works as expected (by me) on macOS with my latest changes in my private fork:

You can either use CMake or fltk-config to build the demo program (Makefiles not updated).

Changes: positive angles in FL_ROTATE_GESTURE are now clockwise.

FL_ZOOM_GESTURE is in this test version not compatible with the 1.3 version. This is intentional and will be fixed in a later version.

The next iteration has been pushed to my branch (link above). I added another dial widget to the demo program and updated the handling (dispatching) of the new gesture events so they can be handled by the widget below the mouse like FL_MOUSEWHEEL events.

For those wanting to test: this is all only for macOS but I'll work on the Windows implementation soon (may take two days or so, don't hold your breath).

Have fun! Feedback would be appreciated.

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