Re: [fltk.coredev] Gesture progress for 1.4?

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Re: Gesture progress for 1.4? Albrecht Schlosser 09:55 Oct 11 top right image
On 10/11/21 6:14 PM Bill Spitzak wrote:
I certainly think the events should continue to produce scroll events so that scrolling in existing applications still work. You can add a new api if there is a need for an application to distinguish what produced the scrolling event.

I agree. Backwards compatibility is the most important fact for this change. I'm still investigating the options.

Windows and macOS appear to be straight-forward and relatively simple because they provide a "gesture" API, i.e. the OS analyzes the raw touch events and provides the application with the result of a gesture (pan, zoom, etc.).

I still don't know how to use X11 though, I didn't find such a "gesture API" yet, but I'm still investigating. I wouldn't like to analyze raw touch events to construct the relevant gestures. This seems to be hard to do and I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

An X11 example program that uses multi-touch gestures would be very helpful.

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