Re: [fltk.coredev] Gesture progress for 1.4?

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Re: Gesture progress for 1.4? Ian MacArthur 14:41 Oct 10 top right image
On 10 Oct 2021, at 19:07, Albrecht Schlosser wrote:

>> I don't know yet how Linux/Unix provides multi-touch events to the user program, i.e. FLTK.
> This is under investigation but links to documentation (or even code snippets) would be appreciated.

This is not something I know about - I did (briefly) look at how X11 was proposing to handle multi-touch (which was the precursor to gesture events, in effect) but that was a long time ago and I never got anywhere useful.

Also, just to cheer everybody up, my understanding (so may well be wrong!) is that X11 and Wayland take fundamentally different approaches to this so we probably need to handle both at some point. 
(My understanding, such as it is, is that X11 strives to maintain backwards compatibility with legacy pointer events, but Wayland has gone all-in on a new touch event interface.)

For X11, there’s an Xinput Extension for it, which I have not read... um, might be: or something of that ilk.

No idea what Wayland does.

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