Re: [fltk.coredev] Re: Towards a Wayland platform for the FLTK library ?

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Re: Re: Towards a Wayland platform for the FLTK library ? Albrecht Schlosser 10:19 Sep 10 top right image
On 9/10/21 7:09 PM Manolo wrote:
The putative Wayland platform now begins to support a 3rd Wayland compositor, KDE. In that situation, FLTK apps use SSD (server-side decoration), whereas they use
CSD (client-side) with the gnome and Weston compositors.
Any FLTK executable supports, unchanged, all 3 compositors.


Thanks for continuously working on improving FLTK and keeping us informed. I really need to try the latest updates...

But there is still a problem to be solved with progressive drawing under KDE.

I'm not using KDE in my working environments, this is something I will likely not be able to try though.

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