Re: [fltk.coredev] Re: Towards a Wayland platform for the FLTK library ?

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Re: Re: Towards a Wayland platform for the FLTK library ? Manolo 12:46 Sep 02 top right image

Le jeudi 2 septembre 2021 à 18:33:18 UTC+2, a écrit :

On 9/2/21 6:44 AM, Manolo wrote:

As of today, window minimization and Super+Tab unminimization work almost
correctly under Weston; the only drawback is that the titlebar disappears from
a minimized window while it's being previewed by Super+Tab.

    By "Super+Tab" that means..

+Tab, or..

  + Tab

The truth is that  I'm not sure because I'm using Weston with an Apple Macbook keyboard (via
a virtualization software called UTM). There, the winning key combination is function+command+Tab.
I'm sure that if you try all modifier keys of your keyboard in combination with tab, one will
start Weston's procedure to go through all active windows, both those shown and those minimized. explains that Super is the Windows key.

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