Re: [fltk.coredev] Re: RFC: introduce public config header <FL/fl_config.h>

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Re: Re: RFC: introduce public config header <FL/fl_config.h> duncan 10:48 Aug 30 top right image
Stupid question perhaps, but why generate an <FL/fl_config.h> that's included in <FL/Fl.H> ?
Can't configure/CMake add these items directly into the top of <FL/Fl.H> ?

Not a stupid question. Well, there are some reasons.

(1) It would make things more complicated than necessary. We need two different input files that have to be prepared in parallel (logically consistent) as source for the generation. configure and CMake need different input to generate the same output. You'll see what I mean if you compare and
. . .

I knew you would have already thought it through and would have an answer ready to hand :-)

PS: Duncan, your vote as long time FLTK dev would be appreciated as well. Thanks.

I might have been following FLTK for a long time, but I wouldn't really consider
myself a true dev as I've only really tinkered with the documentation.
I leave the real FLTK internals to the professionals :-)

But seeing as you explained, and asked me so nicely, you can have my +1 too :-)


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