Re: [fltk.coredev] Re: RFC: introduce public config header <FL/fl_config.h>

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Re: Re: RFC: introduce public config header <FL/fl_config.h> Albrecht Schlosser 10:18 Aug 29 top right image
On 8/29/21 6:41 PM duncan wrote:

there are some reasons why I believe we should have a public header that reflects some build option dependent macros.
. . .
This header would be included by <FL/Fl.H> and help to solve several issues. . . . .

Stupid question perhaps, but why generate an <FL/fl_config.h> that's included in <FL/Fl.H> ?
Can't configure/CMake add these items directly into the top of <FL/Fl.H> ?

Not a stupid question. Well, there are some reasons.

(1) It would make things more complicated than necessary. We need two different input files that have to be prepared in parallel (logically consistent) as source for the generation. configure and CMake need different input to generate the same output. You'll see what I mean if you compare and

(2) The syntax of the input file for configure prohibits to mix constant #define statements (as in Fl.H) with input to the generator source. It would be at least the very hard to maintain.

(3) The generated file(s) must be in a different directory than the original source files (CMake out of source build). Although we could manage this for a complete header file Fl.H it seems better manageable (to me) to split this.

(4) One thing I mentioned in my original post was to enable a special feature for CMake users when building their own projects. This feature requires to parse a file by CMake code to get the FLTK version. This is an option I'm planning for the near future. It's less error prone to parse a very short file than a much longer one.

(5) It's always been that way (with abi-version.h). No, that's a joke. But seriously, what I've seen in other libs is that they also provide a (short) config header rather than one header file including "everything".

Point (1) should be enough. I wrote the other points only to emphasize that I believe it's not thinking further about it. But thanks for the question anyway.

Finally my proposal will (a) extend and rename abi-version.h to fl_config.h or (b) rename and extend it, whatever you like. ;-)

PS: Duncan, your vote as long time FLTK dev would be appreciated as well. Thanks.

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