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Re: Re: SDL LM 06:37 Aug 17 top right image
  Still working on the SDL backend.  I found the unittests program which has been a big help in debugging.  At this point, all but two of the unittests seem to be working.  There's an issue with circle and arc drawing.  There is a routine for arc and pie drawing for use with SDL.  However, it needs radius and angles and the input from FLTK is bounding box and angles.  I'm having trouble locating information on how best to convert information about a bounding box to a working radius value.  The other issue is with the schemes test.  It uses multiple windows.  I'm wondering how to handle windowing on a system that might not support creation of multiple windows.  Possibly multiple bitmaps drawn on a main window will work.  SDL 2 does have some support for multiple windows on certain platforms while earlier versions of SDL did not.  I'm attempting to go through the windowing logic in some of the other drivers to see how this works conceptually and how best to handle it.  If anyone has any tips in this area, they'd be greatly appreciated.  I also still need to work on character input.  I'm slowly making progress on the project though.

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