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SDL LM 12:05 Jul 01 top right image
I downloaded fltk-1.4.x-20210618-713d1bfd and began to check the state of the PicoSDL driver.  After some experimentation, I decided to copy the code for PicoSDL and Pico and create a new SDL driver.  Added some code for drawing various shapes and made some other modifications.  I'm able to get it to compile and build with a SDL backend.  It's really buggy and crashes a lot at this point.  However, I can run some applications and I'm starting to see some of the windows rendered.  Needs a lot of work.  Thought it might be useful to have a working SDL backend though.  That might allow for easier porting to any systems that support SDL.  I'm using SDL2 now, but I can add SDL 1.2.15 support as well for older systems.  It wouldn't require much to get that working if SDL2 support is working properly. 

Thought I'd mention it in case anyone else might be interested in development of a SDL backend for FLTK.


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