Re: [fltk.coredev] Towards a Wayland platform for the FLTK library ?

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Re: Towards a Wayland platform for the FLTK library ? Albrecht Schlosser 03:48 Jun 10 top right image
On 6/10/21 8:55 AM Manolo wrote:
Le jeudi 10 juin 2021 à 01:21:58 UTC+2, Albrecht Schlosser a écrit :
Please add the minimal attached patch to the wayland branch. This does not solve the entire dependency mess, but it enables all testers to execute `make depend' to update the dependencies rather than always using `make clean', although libdecor is not included (which leaves this as another source of trouble). The created 'makedepend' files are not compatible with the 'master' branch and should not be committed but can be used for testing.


Is it expected to receive loads of
makedepend: warning:  Fl.cxx (reading ../FL/fl_utf8.h, line 32): cannot find include file "stdio.h"
    not in ../stdio.h
makedepend: warning:  Fl.cxx (reading ../FL/Fl.H, line 45): cannot find include file "string.h"
    not in ../string.h

Yes, that's always the case for all system headers, i.e. also if you're executing in the main branch. It also creates 'makedepend.bak' files which you can delete.

FYI: I'm updating the dependencies in the main branch from time to time:

$ ./configure --enable-cairo
$ make -j7
$ make depend

optional (less frequently):

$ for d in cairo jpeg png zlib; do (cd $d; make depend); done

then commit the changed 'makedepend' files.

I just committed an update, but this should not concern the wayland branch.

Note: This *must* be done on a Linux system. Dependencies for other platforms including other configurations like `pango` need to be created/edited in the Makefiles "manually". This is what I called the "dependency mess". If anybody could show us an acceptable (i.e. "simple") way to create the dependendies dynamically (automatically during the build), cross-platform and independent of the chosen compiler (!) I'd appreciate that!

PS: one option is to drop autoconf/configure/make support and use CMake exclusively which "knows the correct dependencies". I'd like to do that but I'm aware that others want to keep configure/make builds. :-(

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