Re: [fltk.coredev] Re: FLTK 1.3.6 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download and testing

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Re: Re: FLTK 1.3.6 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download and testing Albrecht Schlosser 07:25 May 03 top right image
On 5/3/21 8:03 AM Manolo wrote:

On Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 1:36:21 PM UTC+2 Albrecht Schlosser wrote:

    If you can get it working, can you please post a patch here before you
    commit it so I can test and we can decide this shortly?

Here's the patch :

Thanks for the patch, I tried it and it worked for me.

However, meanwhile I refactored macOS bundle generation completely (removed all *.app dir's) and dropped the PkgInfo files as discussed.

fluid has its own storage concept, all other demos in test/ have their resources stored in folder 'test/mac-resources', including test/editor.plist.

Please test this commit on your local macOS system and report if there's anything not working. I tested thoroughly all app generation and 'make clean', 'make distclean' etc.

The next step - after hopefully positive feedback - would be to upload this as 1.3.6rc2 which can be tested after download to see if there are no other issues.

Thanks to all who tested and those who will test this commit too.

$ git shortlog release-1.3.6rc1..
Albrecht Schlosser (6):
      Rename file 'VERSION' to 'fltk_version.dat' (#191)
      Fix version number in doxygen docs
      Fix build with Cairo for CMake < 3.13
      CMake: fix old (pre 3.13) link_directories() usage
      Enhance CMake build configuration summary
      Refactor macOS bundle generation to avoid "quarantine"

commit 15aff3718e7102371cf1b301a03d65cef73c941e
Author: Albrecht Schlosser <...>
Date:   Mon May 3 14:19:50 2021 +0200

    Refactor macOS bundle generation to avoid "quarantine"

    macOS Big Sur 11.3 introduced a new "security feature" such that
    app bundles created from existing bundle templates in downloaded
    files (tar distibutions, expanded) could no longer be executed
    without unsetting the "quarantine" attribute. This commit fixes
    this by creating all bundles from scratch.

    Known *workaround* for older tarballs and snapshots:

      $ xattr -d -r

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