Re: [fltk.coredev] Handling merging pull requests (PR's)

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Re: Handling merging pull requests (PR's) Greg Ercolano 04:30 Oct 22 top right image

    Is this perhaps a one button thing in github using "Rebase and merge"? i.e.

On 2020-10-22 00:41, imm wrote:
I don't know GitHub's buttonology for this, but what you showed in green would be a rebate then merge, so that does seem likely.

    I think the one button rebase/merge would flatten out the merge into a linear history.

    I'd kinda prefer to keep the merge a little "knuckle" in the tree, like what gitk shows for commit 7abc09ad8 (**) e.g.
    I think with the Rebase/Merge button, it would flatten that out, not sure.

    I'm even having trouble getting that 'knuckle' just experimenting with a local fork; if I rebase my branch and then merge, I end up with a linear looking:
        o merge my branch
	o my branch commit 2
	o my branch commit 1
	o master commit
	o old commit
	o old commit
    ..when what I was hoping to see is:
        o merged my branch
	| o my branch commit 2
	| o my branch commit 1
	o master commit
	o old commit
	o old commit

    ..Not sure I understand what it takes to do that.

** The above successful example is actually my own commit, but I had a lot of help from Albrecht to do it,
    and I'm having trouble replicating. The process was a bit convoluted due to various missteps on my part,
    such that I don't have a clear stream of commands to do it again without the missteps, causing me to recently
    botch a merge today that I had to undo, (as apparently there's no way to undo a github merge in a PR;
    once done it's locked and can't be undone/reopened *sigh* which makes the process kinda scary)

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