Re: [fltk.coredev] Improve function Fl_X11_System_Driver::newUUID() - [General Use]

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Re: Improve function Fl_X11_System_Driver::newUUID() - [General Use] Albrecht Schlosser 14:06 Sep 30 top right image
On 9/30/20 4:56 PM MacArthur, Ian (Leonardo, UK) wrote:
I'd like to improve function Fl_X11_System_Driver::newUUID()
that generates UUIDs having it call function uuid_generate() from libuuid
when it's found at run-time. The code falls back to the present ad hoc method
when uuid_generate() isn't available.

That's in attached uuid_generate.patch.txt

The modified code can be tested adding
      fprintf(stderr, "UUID=%s\n", Fl_Preferences::newUUID());
as first statement in main() of test/preferences.cxx

Haven't tried it (Windows PC day today) but "visual inspection" looks fine, and the idea is sound in principle, so I’d say yes...


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