Re: [fltk.coredev] PDF doc generation broken with doxygen 1.8.16 and later?

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Re: PDF doc generation broken with doxygen 1.8.16 and later? duncan 23:54 Sep 17 top right image
> On my MacOSX 10.15.6 Catalina, I have just installed Tex Live 2020,
> and updated to cmake-3.18.2 and doxygen-1.8.20 by using
>   brew cask install mactex ; brew install cmake ; brew install doxygen
Can you please try the patch I posted ~25 minutes ago with your macOS
setup and report if it works? TIA.

For info: I didn't notice the patch attachment first time because it doesn't
show up if reading via the FLTK website forums....

I've re-opened your article via google groops, downloaded and applied the
patch, and re-run cmake, ccmake, make pdf successfully. W00t!


PS. The same three errors / warnings about Fl_Menu_Item.H appear, with
"blank" entries for them in the Deprecated List chapter in the fltk.pdf.

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