[fltk.coredev] PDF doc generation broken with doxygen 1.8.16 and later?

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PDF doc generation broken with doxygen 1.8.16 and later? Albrecht Schlosser 06:02 Sep 16 top right image

I just noticed that I can't generate our PDF docs with my upgraded Linux system:

- Linux Mint 20 (old: 19.2/19.3)

- based on Ubuntu 20.04 (old: 18.04)

- doxygen version 1.8.17 (old: 1.8.13)

The html docs generation works well, the PDF generation is terminated with a more or less useless error message:

cp: cannot stat 'latex/refman.pdf': No such file or directory
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

Note that I'm using ninja, but

I built other versions of doxygen from Git but couldn't find a newer version that worked:

1.8.13: OK
1.8.14: OK
1.8.15: OK
1.8.16: broken
1.8.17: broken
1.8.18: broken
1.8.19: untested
1.8.20: broken

Note: I found that I can use the built doxygen version easily from its build directory without installing it.

Can anybody confirm this (or parts of it)?

What doxygen versions are you using?

Maybe it works for you and my `latex` installation is "broken" (but why does it work with older doxygen versions?).

I'd appreciate all feedback before I try to debug this further and also any help you can give in debugging this. I know from previous experience that it's hard to do because "I don't speak latex" ;-) Maybe somebody with specific (latex) experience could debug the PDF generation...

[ additional test notes following ]

Build and test instructions, just in case you can build and are willing to test different doxygen versions:

Get doxygen (Git):

git clone https://github.com/doxygen/doxygen.git
cd doxygen

Check out release 1.8.XX:

git tag # list all (release) tags

git checkout Release_1_8_XX

Build this release:

mkdir -p build/1.8.XX
cd build/1.8.XX
cmake ../..
make [-j4]

With this done it's only a little more work to use this doxygen version to generate our FLTK docs (html+pdf):

cd fltk-build-dir
cmake -D DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE:FILEPATH=/path-to/doxygen/build/1.8.XX/bin/doxygen <fltk-source> [other CMake options]

make pdf

If you're using autotools/make you need to edit this line in `makeinclude` to point at the correct doxygen executable:

DOXYDOC		= /usr/bin/doxygen

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