Re: [fltk.coredev] Add visual feedback to Drag'n Drop operation

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Re: Add visual feedback to Drag'n Drop operation Gonzalo Garramuño 13:01 Sep 12 top right image

El 12/9/20 a las 16:54, Gonzalo Garramuño escribió:

El 12/9/20 a las 11:09, Manolo escribió:

As a demo, I have modified test/editor.cxx to call this new API
after drawing in an image the start of the text being dragged.

It isn't clear to me how this should work.  I drag an image from anywhere?  From the editor itself?

I cannot get it to work on Linux.  Also, what happens with text dnd?

Never mind.  I was testing the old editor not realizing the layout for binaries had changed.

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