Re: [fltk.coredev] RFC: API for screen sizes on mobile devices

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Re: RFC: API for screen sizes on mobile devices Albrecht Schlosser 04:27 Sep 02 top right image
On 9/2/20 10:21 AM 'melcher...' via fltk.coredev wrote:

I am hoping for a good idea to manage screen size on Android. The physical resolution and density can be pretty much anything (for example, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus has 6.8-inch at 3040x1440 pixel), but apps are often written for a fixed scale and can request a different pixel buffer resolution that is then scaled up by hardware at screen refresh time.

Also, there should be an API to limit apps to landscape or portrait mode.

I was thinking about something like:

Device: MOBILE, DESKTOP, ...

This API avoids #ifdef __ANDROID__ and can be extended later without braking the ABI. Unsupported hints are simply ignored.

I'm -1 on such API's as Fl::hint(int, int, int...). They are confusing and hard to implement (need switch(..) etc.). Also, extension of the API using other datatypes would be possible but less obvious.

I'd propose to introduce a new (static?) object type like Fl_Screen or similar with virtual methods that can easily be extended (one method per logical function). The methods above could then be:



or (the latter):

  Fl_Screen::width(FL_SCREEN::LANDSCAPE, 1024);
  Fl_Screen::width(FL_SCREEN::PORTRAIT,   600);

The device type would not be necessary because it would be "known" by the (virtual) method implementation.

As proposed by you, such virtual methods would be ignored (i.e. not implemented at all) on devices that don't support them. The base class would implement a sensible default.

This is consistent with the current driver model and getter methods would be very simple to call, supposedly only in driver related code parts.

Just a thought...

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