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Re: RFC: API for screen sizes on mobile devices Manolo 02:38 Sep 02 top right image

On Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 10:21:58 AM UTC+2 Matthias wrote:

Hi there,

I am hoping for a good idea to manage screen size on Android. The physical resolution and density can be pretty much anything (for example, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus has 6.8-inch at 3040x1440 pixel), but apps are often written for a fixed scale and can request a different pixel buffer resolution that is then scaled up by hardware at screen refresh time. 
Does that mean "the developer writes the app for a pixel size s/he decides, and the hardware efficiently scales the
bitmap produced by the app to the true display size"?
In that case, the developer must respect the width/height ratio of the display.

Also, there should be an API to limit apps to landscape or portrait mode.

I was thinking about something like:

Device: MOBILE, DESKTOP, ...
I'm not sure to understand that line.

Is the intention to use only  WIDTH or only HEIGHT, and infer the other dimension considering the hardware display size?
Isn't an API to get the hardware width/height ratio necessary?

This API avoids #ifdef __ANDROID__ and can be extended later without breaking the ABI. Unsupported hints are simply ignored. 

Using Fl::screen_scale() is similar in that it would allow super high resolution rendering on Android, but it would use up a lot more resources (time and energy), and may slow down rendering considerably.
Does that mean "FLTK builds a bitmap the size of the display hardware, but transmits scaled units to the FLTK user. Just like
under Windows on a HighDPI screen."?
Is it sure this would be slower, since no bitmap scaling should be performed?

What do you think?

 - Matthias

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