Re: [RFE] STR #3466: FLTK and 16-bit images

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Re: [RFE] STR #3466: FLTK and 16-bit images Albrecht Schlosser 14:47 May 26 top right image
[STR Closed w/o Resolution]

Version: 1.3-feature
Fix Version: Will Not Fix

Thanks for this feature suggestion. However, there are currently no plans
to use 16-bit image data internally, i.e. reading 16-bit images is possible
but the internal storage is always 8 bits per channel. There are too many
assumptions throughout the code regarding the data size and the
documentation of d() can't be changed w/o breaking programs.

FLTK is not meant as an image processing library. FLTK's image features are
limited to reading and displaying basic (i.e. 8-bit) images.

I'm sorry to say that the requested change is not going to happen in the
near future, hence I'm closing this RFE.

You may however start a thread in fltk.coredev if you want to discuss this
topic with the FLTK development team.!forum/fltkcoredev

Note: changed title from "FLTK and 16 images" to "FLTK and 16-bit images".

Version: 1.3-feature
Fix Version: Will Not Fix

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