Re: [RFE] STR #3460: Small fluid annoyance bugs

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Re: [RFE] STR #3460: Small fluid annoyance bugs Greg Ercolano Jul 09, 2020 top right image

[STR Active]

Version: 1.4-feature
Fix Version: 1.4.0

I figure I should fix my mess a bit by reposting the suggs, identifying
each with a letter (something I should have done from the beginning),
and mark which ones have been fixed so far:

[A] While typing into the widget properties dialog under C++ -> Comment,
    checking of ()'s needs to be turned off. As soon as you type an
    open paren, it immediately posts a dialog complaining about a
    missing closing paren. Ditto for curly braces. Even deleting a paren
    or curly brace immediately posts a warning dialog.. while you're still
    (DONE: Matt, comment #3)

[B] It appears the scrollbar is not recalculated after copy/paste
    operations, and/or moves with F2. This can best be seen with large
    trees (over a page of items). Select a bunch of items at the top and
    move them down with F3 seems OK, but moving them up again with F2, the
    scrollbar doesn't update correctly, giving very misleading position
    info to the user.

[C] When "Code Properties" is opened, horiz/vert scrollbar positions
    of last edit are remembered, but cursor position is not (it's
    always at the top of the text). So either the cursor position
    needs to be remembered, or the scrollbars reset to the top/left.
    (DONE: Matt, comment #5)

[D] Shell->Command should be saved in the project if set, so any
    'make' commands to build the project are saved with it. Perhaps
    these commands should be saved per-platform, or perhaps
    per-hostname, so the same fluid file can be used to build in
    each environment.
[E] When a shell command is running, it pops open the 'shell output'
    window /centered under the mouse/. It would be better IMHO if it
    left the shell output window where the user last positioned it,
    and didn't always try to track the mouse. Or perhaps a GUI option
    can be made for this.
    (DONE: Matt, comment #7)
[F] There should be separate items in New -> Menus for
    Toggle and Radio Item. Currently you have to create a menu item,
    and then change the untitled chooser at the upper right of the
    C++ tab from "Normal" to "Toggle". This is obscure, and is likely
    as confusing to new users as it is hard to remember for seasoned
    (DONE: Matt, comment #8)

Version: 1.4-feature
Fix Version: 1.4.0

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