Re: [fltk/fltk] fl_filename_absolute mishandles double-backslash on Windows (#141)

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Re: [fltk/fltk] fl_filename_absolute mishandles double-backslash on Windows (#141) erco77 17:41 Sep 18 top right image

Ah, here it is.. possibly related work here:

In this case I was working on the OPPOSITE function, fl_filename_relative(), which had similar issues.
Built a pretty good test suite at the time too, similar to your tests OP.
The basis of my work went down the linux realpath(3) rabbit hole. Looks like I /only/ addressed unix, and saw Windows as a whole other can of worms because of UNCs and drive maps (X:). I know I put a bit of work into that too, but not sure if I kept it.

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