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--------------------- SERVER OUTAGE APR 22 2013 ----------------------------------- Greg Ercolano Apr 22, 2013 top right image
Server outage -- end of gmane restoration


     The fltk.opengl newsgroup has been permanently archived,
     and is no longer accepting postings.
     All FLTK OpenGL related questions/issues should now be posted
     to the fltk.general google group (along with general FLTK questions/issues):

     The FLTK opengl newsgroup didn't generate much traffic, 
     so the devs felt it best to combine it into fltk.general.

     You can still read the old opengl postings on fltk.org's archive here:

         Web: http://www.fltk.org/newsgroups.php?gfltk.opengl+T0
         NNTP: news://fltk.org:1024/fltk.opengl

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