Re: Fl_Gl_Window flashes on context creation (Windows7)

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Re: Fl_Gl_Window flashes on context creation (Windows7) Greg Ercolano Apr 09, 2013 top right image
On 04/09/13 10:07, Ivan Nedrehagen wrote:
>> 	Which version of FLTK (1.3.1, 1.3.2..)
> I use FLTK 1.3.2
>> 	Also: do the FLTK opengl test programs cube.exe and shape.exe exhibit
>> 	this same behavior?
> Yes they do.

	Right, good to know.

>> 	I cannot replicate with Win7 + mingw-64 (gcc4.5.2) + fltk 1.3.x-svn current;
> I am using the 4.7.2 rev 9 with Win 7
>> 	Hardware is a mac mini running win7/64 ultimate, default drivers.
> I use a Dell precision

	What does this means in terms of the graphics card?
	Those specifics are probably useful to help replicate.

	I don't have any dell equipment here (though one of the other
	devs might), but depending on the graphics, that might help
	zero it in.

> I am wondering about the drivers also, but I cannot say for sure. I did upgrade my drivers before posting just to make sure, but still it is strange that I cannot see this behaviour on any other opengl program.
> I did download and compile freeglut, their demos run smooth without any problems.

	I see.

	Well, you could open an STR with all the details we've found to date.

	It's going to be a problem though if the devs can't replicate.

	If you're able to identify the issue, supply a patch, or at least let us
	know what changes the problem if you try messing around with the FLTK innards.
	You may find something in the FLTK opengl win32 initialization code that
	needs adjusting.

	You might try tweaking the freeglut examples to enable features FLTK is
	enabling (double buffer mode, etc) to see if you can perhaps replicate
	the problem outside FLTK, to see if it's a particular opengl feature causing
	the problem.
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