Re: Can Use GLSL in FLTK?

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Re: Can Use GLSL in FLTK? Furqan Mar 07, 2013 top right image
3DRACS v1.5.0 is totally written in FLTK 1.3 with OpenGL.
You can test GLSL shaders from Menu->Rendering->Shaders->...
You can download it from
Download link:
Home page:

If you want to ask anything else, I am here for that.

> On 12/10/12 01:34, Sepehr Aryani wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm wondering if we can use GLSL in fltk application.
> > I also want to know which version of OpenGL FLTK support.
> > If there is a sample code to help I'll appreciate.
> 	I don't think there are any modern versions of openGL
> 	that FLTK /doesn't/ support, so it should work with whatever
> 	version you have.
> 	FLTK generally only gets involved to establish the openGL context.
> 	From there, all your openGL calls go directly to the openGL library,
> 	not through FLTK, which should mean any extensions to openGL (such as GLSL)
> 	should be supported without any special coding in FLTK.
> 	So in other words it should just work.
> 	If it doesn't, let us know.
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