Re: How to enable Drag n Drop on OpenGL window ?

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Re: How to enable Drag n Drop on OpenGL window ? Furqan Feb 18, 2013 top right image
Thanks UWE,
I tried but no success, still the same. File only accepted when drop over the Fl_Double_Window.

Here is my code..

MainWindow->begin(); // Fl_Double_Window

DnDReceiver b(0,0,WINDOW_SIZE_W, WINDOW_SIZE_H); // Drag n Drop Box

MainWindow->show(argc, argv);

I tried to put DnDReceiver box before, after, middle, everywhere, inside of begin and end of Fl_Double_Window but no success.

Please guide me Where to put "DnDReceiver" box in the code.


> Am 18.02.2013 08:52, schrieb Furqan:
> > Now the issue is, when I drag n drop one file over the OpenGL screen it doesn't accept the file. File only accepted if I drop on the "Receiver box". But my application screen is totally covered with the OpenGL screen, so, how can I enable Drag n Drop on the OpenGL screen ?
> You can place a invisible widget e.g. Fl_Box with the attribute
> Fl_No_Box over the whole application, which just recieves D&D events
> like in your described even handler and filters only these. All other
> events from mouse, keyboard etc. should pass to get handled as usual by
> the appropriate widgets.
> kind regards
> Kai-Uwe
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