Re: How to enable Drag n Drop on OpenGL window ?

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Re: How to enable Drag n Drop on OpenGL window ? Kai-Uwe Behrmann Feb 18, 2013 top right image
Am 18.02.2013 08:52, schrieb Furqan:

> Now the issue is, when I drag n drop one file over the OpenGL screen it doesn't accept the file. File only accepted if I drop on the "Receiver box". But my application screen is totally covered with the OpenGL screen, so, how can I enable Drag n Drop on the OpenGL screen ?

You can place a invisible widget e.g. Fl_Box with the attribute 
Fl_No_Box over the whole application, which just recieves D&D events 
like in your described even handler and filters only these. All other 
events from mouse, keyboard etc. should pass to get handled as usual by 
the appropriate widgets.

kind regards
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