Re: [fltk/fltk] fl_choice() doesn't tell you if the dialog was closed (#282)

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Re: [fltk/fltk] fl_choice() doesn't tell you if the dialog was closed (#282) rempas 13:08 Oct 15 top right image

Another option would be to use a new function name like fl_choice2 that returns e.g. -1 for Escape and -2 for window close (or vice versa). Both new return values would be negative to simplify handling so you can use ret <= 0 to check if one of these occurred.

That's the option that makes more sense and would be easier and more enjoyable to use but why creating a new function? Just change the existing one. This will make backwards compatibility but something has to break always with the new version of the library. I suppose a lot of things will change anyway. In any case If you decide to create a new function, I would recommend giving the new function the name "fl_choice2" or "fl_choice_alt" and keep "fl_choice" for the new function and just add a note for code that used this function to convert if the want the previous behavior.

Tho again, I really think that the code base and the library should be as small and simple as possible but that's just my opinion and you have the final word

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