Re: Difficulty Compiling Tutorial Examples on Linux

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Re: Difficulty Compiling Tutorial Examples on Linux Anonymous Feb 14, 2006 top right image
Did you ever resolve this problem?  I have had similar crashes.

Lloyd Miller (

> I compiled fltk-1.1.6 on Slackare 10 using gcc-3.3.4 and installed it in /usr. I also have fltk-1.0.11 installed in /usr/local/bin compiled with gcc-2.95.3 for use with POSE, the old Palm emulator. Both compiled fine and coexist happily on the same system. POSE comiled, installed and runs OK.
> I tried to compile this example program against fltk-1.1.6 and it failed. Firstly, there is a problem with box->labeltype(FL_SHADOW_LABEL);
> I looked in the header files and couldn't find FL_SHADOW_LABEL, but I did find _FL_SHADOW_LABEL. Using that introduces a new breakage into the program. (I am not a C++ expert, I am trying to learn and decided to try fltk since it looked fairly simple.)
> I commented out that line and got the program to compile using fltk-config --compile hello.cxx
> When I try to run the program, a window outline appears very briefly and I get a segfault. I am using the correct fltk-config (i.e. the one for fltk-1.1.6).
> If I run the program in gdb I get a window and the following:
> <br>
> (gdb) run<br>
> Starting program: /home/iain/c/fltk/hello <br>
> <br>
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.<br>
> 0x080540e0 in fl_draw ()<br>
> <br>
> (gdb) backtrace <br>
> #0  0x080540e0 in fl_draw ()<br>
> #1  0x080547b9 in fl_draw ()<br>
> #2  0x080554b7 in fl_normal_label ()<br>
> #3  0x0805558a in Fl_Label::draw ()<br>
> #4  0x08055756 in Fl_Widget::draw_label ()<br>
> #5  0x080556f0 in Fl_Widget::draw_label ()<br>
> #6  0x080556a9 in Fl_Widget::draw_label ()<br>
> #7  0x0804da1d in Fl_Group::draw_child ()<br>
> #8  0x0804d8bf in Fl_Group::draw_children ()<br>
> #9  0x0804ed26 in Fl_Window::draw ()<br>
> #10 0x0804c51f in Fl_Window::flush ()<br>
> #11 0x0804b4b1 in Fl::flush ()<br>
> #12 0xbffff6c4 in ?? ()<br>
> #13 0xbffff628 in ?? ()<br>
> #14 0x00000001 in ?? ()<br>
> #15 0x00000000 in ?? ()<br>
> #16 0x40014900 in ?? () from /lib/<br>
> #17 0xbffff628 in ?? ()<br>
> #18 0x0804b0f5 in Fl::wait ()<br>
> Previous frame inner to this frame (corrupt stack?)<br>
> <br>
> I have also tried it with fltk-1.1.5.
> I tried writing my own makefile to compile the program and got a completely different binary (a fraction of the size) that segfaults immediately on running:
> (gdb) run<br>
> Starting program: /home/iain/c/fltk/hello <br>
> <br>
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.<br>
> 0x403d56e5 in mallopt () from /lib/<br>
> (gdb) backtrace<br>
> #0  0x403d56e5 in mallopt () from /lib/<br>
> #1  0x403d4883 in malloc () from /lib/<br>
> #2  0x0804ac1a in operator new ()<br>
> #3  0x08049d8f in main ()<br>
> (gdb)<br>
> <br>
> Can someone please tell me what I have done wrong?
> Thank you very much.

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