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Re: Re: FLTK 1.3.6 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download and testing Albrecht Schlosser Apr 29, 2021 top right image
On 4/28/21 8:19 PM Ian MacArthur wrote:

This one is a bit of an outlier report - I don't think there's anything with the R.C., rather this is about an odd interaction with my (known to be odd) build environment on Win10.

Ian, can you please open a GitHub Issue for this report so it doesn't get lost in the noise? I'm too busy now but I think this is worth further investigation.

Please anser this on the GitHub issue page:

Which build environment is it exactly? If MinGW (which I assume), which flavor (original MinGW, MSYS2, anything else)?

Specifically, after doing my usual tests (which seem to be fine, of course) I thought I'd have a go with the GLEW extension (someone was asking about support for "advanced" GL versions recently...)

So, I turned on the glew stuff in cmake (from cmake-gui, as it happens) and rebuilt. Now, I DO NOT have a working pkg-config in this build environment, and I believe our cmake uses pkg-config to find glew, so I didn't really expect this to work at all; so it was the way it didn't work that surprised me, really!

First off, the build failed because, when linking the glew examples, it could not locate libGLEW.a. The glew lib on mingw* is called libglew32.a (for both 32 or 64-bit builds) however, so it looks like we have asked for "the wrong" lib name. I copied libglew32.a to libGLEW.a and the build then found and linked the lib OK. However, the link failed for want of libopengl32.a in the link command. For the "normal" OpenGL examples, we do link "-lopengl32.a" correctly so this behaviour is peculiar to the glew targets. I tweaked the libs to ensure "-lopengl32.a" and thereafter the glew examples built and ran correctly.

Anyway, I assume these issues are all because I do not have pkg-config, but thought I'd flag them here just as a record of sorts, in case anyone else stumbles into this.
Tested with mingw32 and mingw64 targets.

FWIW: I also tried this on 1.4, and it behaves in the same way.

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