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FLTK 1.1.5 Michael Sweet Oct 19, 2004 top right image
The FLTK Team is proud to announce the release of FLTK 1.1.5,
a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit for UNIX(r)/Linux(r) (X11),
Microsoft(r) Windows(r), and MacOS(r) X. FLTK provides
modern GUI functionality without the bloat and supports 3D
graphics via OpenGL(r) and its built-in GLUT emulation.

The FLTK 1.1.5 release is primarily a bug-fix release including
documentation updates, fixes for 64-bit platforms, FLUID,
several widgets, and GLUT emulation, and fixes for several
platform-specific issues. The new release also adds project
files for Visual C++.NET and supports KDE 3.x icons.

FLTK is provided under the GNU Library Public License with
exceptions that allow for static linking.

Changes since FLTK 1.1.4 include:

	- Documentation updates (STR #568, STR #570)
	- Shortcuts were incorrectly underlined in multi-line
	  labels (STR #566)
	- More CMake updates (STR #499)
	- The Watcom C++ compiler needed a small change (STR
	- Added DESTDIR support and now remove all man pages for
	  the "uninstall" target (STR #545)
	- Fix PNG drawing on buggy WIN32 graphics cards (STR
	- The configure script didn't propagate the CPPFLAGS
	  environment variable (STR #549)
	- The numpad keys didn't work properly on WIN32 (STR
	- fl_input() and friends now set the input focus to the
	  text field when the dialog is shown (STR #553)
	- Fixed background color mixup when drawing Fl_Choice
	  menus (STR #544)
	- Fixed MingW makefiles (STR #550)
	- More VC++ project file tweaking (STR #559)
	- Fl_PNG_Image didn't use the png_set_trns_to_alpha
	  function when available (STR #547)
	- The FL_UNFOCUS event wasn't always sent when switching
	  tabs (STR #558)

	- Documentation updates (STR #505, STR #513)
	- Updated PNG library source to 1.2.7.
	- Updated ZLIB library source to 1.2.1.
	- Fixed VC++ project file problems (STR #476, STR #478,
	  STR #520, STR #527, STR #537)
	- Now look for 8 bits of alpha when the developer has
	  requested FL_RGB8 (STR #541)
	- The last line in an Fl_Help_View widget was not
	  aligned properly (STR #536)
	- The "search" symbol looked like a Q (STR #536)
	- Changed Fl_Help_View::get_color() to use a lookup
	  table to avoid serious Borland C++ 5.5 compiler bugs
	  (STR #533)
	- Fixed Watcom compiler warnings with FL/Fl_Widget.H
	  (STR #540)
	- The image class copy() methods did not always make a
	  separate copy of the image data (STR #539)
	- Fixed an edge case in fl_old_shortcut() that could
	  cause it to read beyond then end of the shortcut
	  string (used for XForms named shortcuts)
	- Added (unsupported) CMake files (STR #499)
	- Tooltips would not reappear on the same widget, and
	  the initial tooltip delay was not used after a tooltip
	  was shown (STR #465)
	- Fixed a compile problem with the Linux 2.6 threading
	  support (STR #483)
	- Fixed problems with 2-byte Xpm files on 64-bit
	  platforms (STR #525)
	- FLTK didn't handle the ReparentNotify event on X11
	  (STR #524)
	- The old source file "fl_set_gray.cxx" is not needed
	  (STR #516)
	- Fl_Text_Display still called delete[] instead of
	  free() in one place (STR #503)
	- The symbol test program did not handle the @+ symbol
	  properly (STR #490)
	- Fl_File_Chooser didn't correctly call isprint() and
	  isspace() when checking to see if the current file was
	  text that can be previewed (STR #517)
	- FLUID didn't compile with Borland C++ due to a
	  compiler bug (STR #496)
	- Fl_Positioner did not handle reversed min and max
	  values (STR #510)
	- fl_descent(), fl_height(), and fl_width() would crash
	  a program if you didn't call fl_font() first; they now
	  return -1 if no font is set (STR #500)
	- Added test/unittests to verify pixel drawing and
	  alignment across platforms
	- Fl_Menu_::find_item() didn't determine the menu path
	  properly (STR #481)
	- The build system now installs image library header
	  files in FL/images/filename.h so that FLTK programs
	  will use the same header files as the FLTK image
	- The build system now creates image libraries named
	  "libfltk_name.a" instead of "libname.a" to avoid
	  clobbering an existing installed library (STR #480)

	- Documentation updates (STR #365, STR #399, STR #407,
	  STR #412, STR #414, STR #452, STR #462)
	- Fl_Text_Display did not handle drawing of overlapping
	  text (italic next to plain, etc.) properly (STR #381)
	- All of the core widgets now consistently set changed()
	  before calling the callback function for a change in
	  value; this allows programs to check the changed()
	  state in a callback to see why they are being called
	  (STR #475)
	- Fl_File_Chooser did not handle some cases for filename
	  completion (STR #376)
	- Fl_Help_View didn't properly compute the default
	  maximum width of the page properly, resulting in
	  non-wrapped text in table cells (STR #464)
	- Fl_Text_Editor no longer tries to emulate the Emacs
	  CTRL-A shortcut to move to the first column, since
	  there is a key for that and the widget does not
	  emulate any other Emacs keys (STR #421)
	- Fl_File_Chooser always disabled the OK button when the
	  user pressed DELETE or BACKSPACE (STR #397)
	- Added Fl_Browser::swap() methods (STR #459)
	- Fl_Counter didn't use a thin down box for the text
	  field if the box type was set to FL_THIN_UP_BOX (STR
	- Fl_Help_View now resets the scrollbars if they go
	  outside the current view (STR #464)
	- fl_dir_chooser() did not show the previous selection
	  as documented (STR #443)
	- Fl_Text_Display used delete[] instead of free() in
	  some places (STR #466)
	- FLTK now includes copies of the PNG, JPEG, and ZLIB
	  libraries for platforms that do not have them (STR
	- The fltk-config script did not include the
	  "-mno-cygwin" option under CygWin (STR #434)
	- Fl_Help_View::find() did not check for a NULL value
	  (STR #442)
	- Added search symbol to the search field of
	  Fl_Help_Dialog (STR #417)
	- Added two new symbols, @search and @FLTK, which can be
	  used in labels.
	- MacOS X: fixed NumLock mixup, added support for
	  FL_Menu and FL_Delete keys on external (PC) keyboards
	  (STR #445)
	- Fl_File_Icon::draw() did not support drawing of complex
	  polygons in icon descriptions (STR #474)
	- The configure script now offers options for JPEG, PNG,
	  and ZLIB libraries (STR #416)
	- The first menu item in a list would not go invisible
	  (STR #406)
	- Fl_Text_Buffer::replace() now range checks its input
	  (STR #385)
	- FLTK now builds with the current release of MinGW (STR
	  #325, STR #401, STR #402)
	- FLTK now honors the numlock key state (STR #369)
	- The Fl_Text_Display widget did not redraw selections
	  when focus changed (STR #390)
	- The plastic background image is now less contrasty
	  (STR #394)
	- Fl_Scroll now uses a full redraw when the scheme is
	  set to plastic and the box type is a frame (STR #205)
	- Fl_Window::resize() did not work properly with KDE 3.2
	  (STR #356)
	- FLTK didn't delete font bitmaps when the last OpenGL
	  window was deleted, preventing future text from
	  displaying (STR #310)
	- FLUID didn't include a full initialization record for
	  the trailing NULL menu items (STR #375)
	- Fl_Browser::item_width() did not properly handle
	  format modifiers (STR #372)
	- Fl_Browser::item_height() did not handle columns
	  properly (STR #371)
	- Fl_Gl_Window's on WIN32 now prefer accelerated pixel
	  formats over generic formats (STR #382)
	- Fl_Window::resize() did not work on some systems if
	  the window was not shown (STR #373)
	- FLUID did not write the user_data type if the
	  user_data field was empty (STR #374)
	- The value(const Fl_Menu_Item*) method was not
	  implemented for Fl_Choice (STR #366)
        - Fl_Pack didn't draw child widget labels the same way
          as Fl_Group, causing display problems (STR #360)
        - fl_read_image() didn't work when reading from an
          offscreen buffer with some X11 servers (STR #364)

	- Documentation updates (STR #186, STR #245, STR #250,
	  STR #277, STR #281, STR #328, STR #338)
	- fl_scroll() did not handle scrolling from off-screen on
	  WIN32 (STR #315)
	- Fl_File_Chooser did not allow manual entry of a drive
	  letter (STR #339)
	- Fl_Menu now uses the boxtype to redraw the menu
	  background (STR #204)
	- Fl_Scroll now shows the background image when a framed
	  box type is used and the Fl_Scroll is a direct
	  decendent of a window (STR #205)
	- Added a new_directory_tooltip string pointer to allow
	  localization of the file chooser's new directory
	  button (STR #340)
	- Added Fl_Menu_::find_item() method (STR #316)
	- The Fl_Widget copy operator definitions were not
	  conditionally compiled properly (STR #329)
	- FLUID's Layout functionality did not move child
	  widgets when laying out group widgets (STR #319)
	- FLUID's Layout->Center In Group functionality did not
	  properly handle widgets that were children of a
	  Fl_Window widget (STR #318)
	- The Fl_Text_Display destructor did not remove the
	  predelete callback associated with the current buffer
	  (STR #332)
	- Fixed several bugs in the MacOS X Fl::add_fd()
	  handling (STR #333, STR #337)
	- The Fl_Text_Display widget did not display selections
	  set by the application (STR #322)
	- FLUID crashed if you did layout with a window widget
	  (STR #317)
	- Fl_Scroll::clear() didn't remove the child widget from
	  the Fl_Scroll widget (STR #327)
	- Fl_Value_Slider::draw_bg() didn't always apply the
	  clipping rectangle (STR #235)
	- fl_filename_relative() returned the wrong string if
	  the absolute pathname was equal to the current working
	  directory (STR #224)
	- Fl_Help_Dialog didn't correctly restore the scroll
	  position when going forward/back in the link history
	  if the file changed (STR #218)
	- glutGetModifiers() did not mask off extra state bits,
	  confusing some GLUT-based applications (STR #213)
	- Fixed mouse capture problems on MacOS X (STR #209, STR
	- Fl_Sys_Menu_Bar is now built into the library for
	  MacOS X (STR #229)
	- Fl_Menu_ now provides item_pathname() methods to get
	  the "pathname" of a menu item, e.g. "File/Quit" (STR
	- Fl_Text_Display now provides cursor_color() methods to
	  get and set the cursor color (STR #271)
	- Fl_Scroll didn't honor FL_NO_BOX (STR #305)
	- FLUID declaration blocks didn't support public/private
	  definitions (STR #301)
	- Fl_Preferences incorrectly created the preferences
	  directory before necessary (STR #247)
	- The WIN32 project files still defined the (obsolete)
	  FL_STATIC constant (STR #279)
	- Fl_Text_Display::buffer() did not support NULL values,
	  making it impossible to clean up text buffers from a
	  subclass (STR #295)
	- Fl_Text_Display did not support a NULL
	  unfinishedStyleCB function (STR #241)
	- Fl::background2() incorrectly marked the foreground
	  color as initialized (STR #255)
	- Fixed the X11 CTRL + "-" detection code to properly
	  track the state of the CTRL key (STR #264)
	- Fl_File_Icon::load_system_icons() didn't support KDE
	  3.x (STR #299)
	- WIN32's scandir() emulation did not allocate enough
	  memory for directory names (STR #263)
	- Fl::compose() did not handle special keys like
	  backspace properly (STR #293)
	- Fl_Choice did not clip its text when drawing using the
	  plastic scheme (STR #287)
	- Fl_Group incorrectly mapped the emacs CTRL keys to
	  keyboard navigation (STR #228)
	- Fl_File_Browser::load() didn't handle a NULL directory
	  name (STR #266)
	- 64-bit library fixes (STR #261)
	- The Fl_Valuator::format() function did not limit the
	  size of the number buffer (STR #268)
	- The keypad Enter key works as the normal Enter/Return
	  key in common widgets (STR #191)
	- Fixed some OS/2-specific build problems (STR #185, STR
	- Calling Fl_Text_Display::buffer() with the same buffer
	  would cause an application to lockup (STR #196)
	- Some of the widgets could crash an application if the
	  cursor was changed after a window was deleted (STR
	- The Fl_Gl_Window WIN32 pixel format code did not
	  choose the pixel format with the largest depth buffer
	  (STR #175)
	- The configure script didn't leave space between the
	  CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS and X_CFLAGS variables (STR #174)
	- The Fl_JPEG_Image and Fl_PNG_Image classes did not
	  trap errors from the corresponding image libraries
	  (STR #168)
	- Added "--with-links" configure option to control
	  whether symlinks are created for the FLTK header files
	  (STR #164)
	- Added new hoverdelay() to Fl_Tooltip to control how
	  quickly recent tooltips appear (STR #126)
	- FLUID now sets the size range when a window is shown.
	  This seems to be necessary with some window managers
	  (STR #166)


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