[fltk/fltk] libglew issues on Windows builds with mingw / cmake (#226)

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[fltk/fltk] libglew issues on Windows builds with mingw / cmake (#226) Ian M Apr 29, 2021 top right image

During the 1.3.6 rc testing, I attempted to enable GLEW support in the cmake build.
NOTE: I believe that our cmake configuration uses pkg-config to determine libglew support, and my mingw testing environments do not have a working pkg-config, so I expected this to fail at configure time.
However, in fact this did not fail until link time, when the 2 OGL3 samples in the examples folder failed.

First off, the build failed because, when linking the GLEW examples, it could not locate libGLEW.a. The GLEW lib on mingw* is called libglew32.a (for both 32 or 64-bit builds) however, so it looks like we have asked for "the wrong" lib name at this point.
I made a copy of libglew32.a to libGLEW.a and the build then found and linked the lib in OK.
However, the link then failed for want of libopengl32.a in the link command.
For the "normal" OpenGL examples, we do link "-lopengl32" correctly so this behaviour is peculiar to the GLEW targets.
I tweaked the libs to ensure "-lopengl32" was incorporated and thereafter the two GLEW examples built and ran correctly.

I assume these issues arise because I do not have a working pkg-config in my mingw environments, but thought I'd record the issue here just as a record.

Effect observed on both fltk-1.3 and fltk-1.4 branches.
Builds performed on Win10, using mingw32 / Msys for 32-bit builds and TDM-gcc / Msys for 64-bit builds. Results were "the same" on both build environments.
(With the build "adjusted" manually, the samples build and run correctly.)

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