[fltk.coredev] Consider using std::vector (C++98 / C++11)

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Consider using std::vector (C++98 / C++11) Albrecht Schlosser 05:32 Jul 15 top right image
Isn't it time to think about using simple std::container types in FLTK?

I've seen the necessity of using vectors in some situations (patches), particularly useful would be

- std::vector<int>
- std::vector<Fl_Widget *>

I'm not asking to rewrite existing code, just to add such containers where useful. The potential new widget Fl_Flex (https://github.com/osen/FL_Flex) would be an example but I know of at least one patch that suggested using a vector.

I don't know about real compatibility issues with old (maybe embedded) systems and such. Do we still need to take care or can we "move our code base a little forward" WRT more modern C++ standards? According to https://www.cplusplus.com/reference/vector/vector/ class vector is defined in C++98 with some additions in C++11.

If not (and I think one valid reason is enough, like a veto), then I suggest to add some similar classes for internal usage rather than inventing the wheel over and over again. I could search and give some examples but I don't want to do this now.

All comments would be appreciated, not only from FLTK devs. Thanks.

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