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  Posting general questions moved to the google group fltk.general.
Posting for core library development similarly moved to fltk.coredev.
Posting bug reports is now (since July 2020) done with GitHub Issues and PR's, see Bugs and Features for more information.
There is also a community managed realtime FLTK chat channel on gitter.

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Subject Author Date/Time   Msg# top right image
  [master] c3011e3 - Improve text drawing above GL3 scene under macOS  "ManoloFLTK"  07:02 Thu  15936  
  [master] 40f376a - Fix two new Visual Studio compiler warnings  "Albrecht Schlosser"  08:32 Thu  15937  
  [master] b1ba37c - Add "Oxy" scheme (STR 2675, STR 3477)  "Albrecht Schlosser"  15:17 Thu  15938  
  [master] 09697c4 - Fix GDI graphics driver use for bitmasks  "Matthias Melcher"  02:02 Fri  15939  
  [master] 3dac8e3 - CI build-Wayland: package libpangocairo-1.0-0 is installed by default  "ManoloFLTK"  03:47 Fri  15940  
  [master] ffc2cae - Avoid thin gray line in round box in hires  "Matthias Melcher"  04:02 Fri  15941  
  [master] cda501f - Fix silly Visual Studio compiler warnings in oxy scheme  "Albrecht Schlosser"  06:17 Fri  15942  
  [master] 4de491d - Make Fl_XXX_Graphics_Driver::create_bitmask() a static member function  "ManoloFLTK"  07:02 Fri  15943  
  [master] 130a504 - Add i18n to test/preferences (#555)  "Matthias Melcher"  08:02 Fri  15944  
  [master] c1a7c4a - Fix GitHub Actions (CI) for Windows builds  "Albrecht Schlosser"  08:32 Fri  15945  
  [master] 6e5c472 - Handle Fluid project settings better (#556)  "Matthias Melcher"  16:47 Fri  15946  
  [master] 1d04c75 - fltk-config from configure: remove libdecor-related flags  "ManoloFLTK"  01:47 Sat  15947  
  [master] e1a7817 - Remove unintentional C++11  "Matthias Melcher"  10:17 Sat  15948  
  [master] 191aeef - Make the value box size of Fl_Value_Slider user settable (STR 3222)  "Albrecht Schlosser"  11:02 Sat  15949  
  [master] 87fe293 - Local undo per Fl_Text_Buffer and Fl_Input_ (#557)  "Matthias Melcher"  11:32 Sat  15950  
  [master] 8ec935b - Simplify and improve "oxy" arrow drawing functions  "Albrecht Schlosser"  13:02 Sat  15951  
  [master] bcb739f - Update dependencies  "Albrecht Schlosser"  13:02 Sat  15952  
  [master] acf7254 - macOS+OpenGL3: remove "warning: gl.h and gl3.h are both included"  "ManoloFLTK"  23:17 Sat  15953  
  [master] 13e3a4c - fltk-config from configure: remove libdecor-related flags - cont'd  "ManoloFLTK"  01:32 Sun  15954  
  [master] c827292 - Fix forgotten name change  "Matthias Melcher"  06:47 Sun  15955  
  [master] 401b3dc - Doc: repeat that screens are numbered starting from 0 in the API  "ManoloFLTK"  01:17 Mon  15956  
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