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  Posting general questions moved to the google group fltk.general.
Posting for core library development similarly moved to fltk.coredev.
Posting bug reports is now (since July 2020) done with GitHub Issues and PR's, see Bugs and Features for more information.
There is also a community managed realtime FLTK chat channel on gitter.

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Subject Author Date/Time   Msg# top right image
  [master] f265ca2 - Avoid deprecated glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) call when possible.  "ManoloFLTK"  09:47 Sep 13  15744  
  [master] 700fb1a - Improve virtual void* Fl_Gl_Window_Driver::GetProcAddress(procName)  "ManoloFLTK"  00:02 Sep 14  15745  
  [master] 699cca8 - Make Fl::set_color(r,g,b,a) effective under Wayland and macOS.  "ManoloFLTK"  06:02 Sep 15  15746  
  [master] 166a5bf - Update from libdecor source code (commit a735d056).  "ManoloFLTK"  08:32 Sep 16  15747  
  [master] eb314f5 - Allow use of Fl_Window::default_icon() with a scaled image - Part 2.  "ManoloFLTK"  00:17 Sep 17  15748  
  [master] 09334c5 - Improve use of CMake's OPTION_BUILD_HTML_DOCUMENTATION  "ManoloFLTK"  01:02 Sep 17  15749  
  [master] add3f05 - Add Doxygen description of FL_FREE_COLOR.  "ManoloFLTK"  03:02 Sep 18  15750  
  [master] a2bf4d7 - Update with changes from source (commit bcb1d791).  "ManoloFLTK"  06:02 Wed  15751  
  [master] 75dd467 - Update with changes from source (commit bcb1d791) - cont'd.  "ManoloFLTK"  06:17 Wed  15752  
  [master] debbba1 - Improve docs of Fl_Copy_Surface and use of OpenGL 3.  "ManoloFLTK"  06:17 Wed  15753  
  [master] 6b63516 - Wayland: fix error detection during call to glewInit().  "ManoloFLTK"  23:17 Wed  15754  
  [master] 647b0a8 - Wayland: fix window closing with titlelbar close button.  "ManoloFLTK"  02:02 Thu  15755  
  [master] 8bbedd6 - Fix issue #501: build error under macOS 10.10  "ManoloFLTK"  11:17 Thu  15756  
  [master] 4b6468a - Wayland: process OPTION_USE_WAYLAND for Unix only  "ManoloFLTK"  22:47 Thu  15757  
  [master] 9c0c04c - Use adequate #include for fl_wl_display().  "ManoloFLTK"  23:47 Thu  15758  
  [master] f8058aa - Fixes incorrect install of fluid in macOS Applications directory.  "Gonzalo Garramuño"  02:32 Fri  15759  
  [master] eb0bba4 - Fix Fl_X11_Window_Driver::fullscreen_on() and Fl_X11_Window_Driver::fullscreen_off().  "ManoloFLTK"  05:32 Fri  15760  
  [master] 6472f9b - Fix build process of PDF docs on macOS and update .gitignore  "Albrecht Schlosser"  06:47 Fri  15761  
  [master] 0fdc88d - GL3 support under X11: ask for compatibility profile if possible.  "ManoloFLTK"  09:17 Fri  15762  
  [master] bfba62a - GL3 for macOS platform: allow creation of GL1 and GL3 contexts by an app.  "ManoloFLTK"  09:32 Fri  15763  
  [master] 0fd10e9 - Updated fltk logo for docs and help_dialog using logo from the website.  "Greg Ercolano"  12:47 Fri  15764  
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