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  Posting general questions moved to the google group fltk.general.
Posting for core library development similarly moved to fltk.coredev.
Posting bug reports is now (since July 2020) done with GitHub Issues and PR's, see Bugs and Features for more information.
There is also a community managed realtime FLTK chat channel on gitter.

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Subject Author Date/Time   Msg# top right image
  [master] 16af5f4 - Avoid Linux warning  "Matthias Melcher"  05:02 Sun  16169  
  [master] 0ef8fb5 - Revert unintended change of comment in 44c874b731f9  "Albrecht Schlosser"  06:02 Sun  16170  
  [master] c798581 - Cairo: Remove compiler warning and improve formatting  "Albrecht Schlosser"  06:32 Sun  16171  
  [master] 95f926f - Document that Fl::add_fd() opens display under macOS  "ManoloFLTK"  22:47 Sun  16172  
  [master] 1045538 - Fix launching of unbundled app from /tmp  "ManoloFLTK"  11:17 Mon  16173  
  [master] 9bf2726 - Fix "Native Filechooser (Zenity) crashes on second invocation" (#665)  "ManoloFLTK"  04:17 Tue  16174  
  [master] f75f05e - Fix crash in Zenity filechooser with badly formed filter (#665)  "ManoloFLTK"  06:47 Tue  16175  
  [master] 8ef592d - Fix crash in Zenity filechooser with badly formed filter (#665)  "ManoloFLTK"  08:02 Tue  16176  
  [master] eaaf5ba - Fix crash in Zenity filechooser with badly formed filter (#665)  "ManoloFLTK"  08:47 Tue  16177  
  [master] 94c918a - Fix miscellaneous #include directives  "ManoloFLTK"  09:32 Tue  16178  
  [master] 96fd8a5 - Wayland: use fl_wl_find() instead of fl_find()  "ManoloFLTK"  00:32 Wed  16179  
  [master] ddc213d - Add preliminary support of Wayland under macOS  "ManoloFLTK"  05:47 Thu  16180  
  [master] 16dff07 - Fix "Native file chooser on Linux fails with BROWSE_MULTI_FILE" (#669)  "ManoloFLTK"  06:32 Thu  16181  
  [master] fb00fb3 - Minimize and fix include statements of Fl_Int_Vector  "Albrecht Schlosser"  08:17 Thu  16182  
  [master] 4e75549 - Update dependencies and fix whitespace errors  "Albrecht Schlosser"  08:17 Thu  16183  
  [master] 6276822 - Allow cmake -DOPTION_APPLE_X11=On without -U__APPLE__  "ManoloFLTK"  10:02 Thu  16184  
  [master] 32b6c04 - Documentation: clarify header inclusion requirements  "Albrecht Schlosser"  10:17 Thu  16185  
  [master] 796ff44 - Fix documentation of FL/Fl_Box.H  "Albrecht Schlosser"  10:17 Thu  16186  
  [master] 59d3b2e - FLUID: Unicode support in ExternalCodeEditor_WIN32.cxx (#453)  "Matthias Melcher"  11:47 Thu  16187  
  [master] 1aa6c4f - Fix position() methods that shadow Fl_Widget::position()  "Matthias Melcher"  12:02 Thu  16188  
  [master] 8178d00 - Missing include for FL_DEPRECATED  "Matthias Melcher"  14:17 Thu  16189  
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