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  Posting general questions moved to the google group fltk.general.
Posting for core library development similarly moved to fltk.coredev.
Posting bug reports is now (since July 2020) done with GitHub Issues and PR's, see Bugs and Features for more information.
There is also a community managed realtime FLTK chat channel on gitter.

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Subject Author Date/Time   Msg# top right image
  [master] 3ba0904 - Use PR #507 by @ggarra13 to fix issue #85.  "ManoloFLTK"  06:02 Tue  15769  
  [master] 3225afa - Remove use of class Fl_Window_Driver inside libfltk_gl  "ManoloFLTK"  08:02 Tue  15770  
  [master] 7d58e23 - macOS: add necessary setWantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface:YES message.  "ManoloFLTK"  23:32 Tue  15771  
  [master] c2efb0d - macOS: support of FLTK widgets in OpenGL 3 windows - cont'd. This code is OK under macOS 10 9 and 13.  "ManoloFLTK"  08:17 Wed  15772  
  [master] 283184a - Add GitHub Issue Templates  "Albrecht Schlosser"  08:32 Wed  15773  
  [master] da66e21 - Support of FLTK widgets in OpenGL 3 windows - cont'd. This commit allows to switch between FL_DOUBLE / FL_SINGLE modes in widget-containing GL3 windows. Demo program examples/OpenGL3test is modified to show FLTK widgets even if the platform does not support OpenGL 3.  "ManoloFLTK"  00:47 Thu  15774  
  [master] 694eaef - Doc: more details about installation of GLEW.  "ManoloFLTK"  03:17 Thu  15775  
  [master] c96a4f3 - macOS platform: rename Fl_Cocoa_Gl_Window_Driver.cxx to .mm  "ManoloFLTK"  07:32 Thu  15776  
  [master] 63dcdce - macOS: support FL_Up,FL_Down,FL_Left,FL_Right system menu item shortcuts  "ManoloFLTK"  22:47 Thu  15777  
  [master] 75016cb - macOS: implement (BOOL)[FLView isOpaque] to improve drawing performance.  "ManoloFLTK"  00:17 Fri  15778  
  [master] 4f6965d - Support of FLTK widgets in OpenGL 3 windows under Windows.  "ManoloFLTK"  07:02 Fri  15779  
  [master] a61d8fb - macOS: simpler code for auxiliary NSView supporting widgets on a GL3 window.  "ManoloFLTK"  07:32 Fri  15780  
  [master] bb6072a - Improve wording of GitHub Issue Templates  "Albrecht Schlosser"  09:02 Fri  15781  
  [master] 0627213 - FLTK widgets in OpenGL 3 windows: rewrite for driver system.  "ManoloFLTK"  10:32 Fri  15782  
  [master] 4196daa - macOS: fixed problem in resizing of widget-containing OpenGL 3 window.  "ManoloFLTK"  22:32 Fri  15783  
  [master] 63a7942 - macOS: support 5 more keys as Fl_Sys_Menu_Bar item shortcuts.  "ManoloFLTK"  04:32 Sat  15784  
  [master] abc6709 - macOS: simpler way to delete the GL1 context of widgets-using GL3 windows.  "ManoloFLTK"  23:47 Sat  15785  
  [master] 1fc23f8 - Clean use of virtual GLContext Fl_Gl_Window_Driver::create_gl_context().  "ManoloFLTK"  04:47 Sun  15786  
  [master] 4b70bc3 - Add missing return value to Fl_WinAPI_Gl_Window_Driver::create_gl_context()  "ManoloFLTK"  12:47 Sun  15787  
  [master] 30efed7 - Revert 75016cb because it doesn't work well with macOS < 13.0 The problem is visible with test/tile when moving the sub window's border. This also fixes issue #508  "ManoloFLTK"  01:32 Mon  15788  
  [master] 5646522 - CMake: Fix some special cases regarding generation of docs  "Albrecht Schlosser"  02:02 Mon  15789  
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