ClickShow 4.2

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Version:4.2License:GPL 3 or later
Author:Tomáš PártlEMail:tomaspartl
Home Page: (372 visits)
Download: (303 visits)

A subtitle player for theaters and movie theaters. It's basic functionality is manual subtitle synchronization, i.e. there's someone sitting at a computer in a theater who pushes a button whenever an actor says something, so that the appropriate subtitle is displayed at the same time (this person is known as the "clicker").

However, ClickShow can also play timed subtitles which is useful in movie theaters in situations where you want the subtitles to be projected by a separate projector. For example, the movie is on a real film real without subtitles, so you set up a projector to beam the subtitles on a small piece of white cloth under the actual movie screen. Etc. There's a surprising number of situations where this is useful.

Also, ClickShow is networked, so one clicker can synchronize subtitles for any number of theaters showing the same film at the same time. This is used for Metropolitan Opera broadcasts only, as far as I know, but the functionality is there if you want to broadcast your theater show around the globe.


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