Skat-Konferenz 1.2 beta

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Version:1.2 betaLicense:GPLv3
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Videoconferencing between two or three people, and if you like you can play the popular German card game Skat at the same time. Only portable libraries are used, the graphical user interface is realized with fltk1.3. It has been tested on Linux and Windows.


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  1360Skat-Konferenz 1.2 betaMay 03, 20140  

improved video and audio quality, better network connectivity, and ported from fltk2 to fltk1.3

  1267Skat-Konferenz 1.0 betaDec 13, 20120  

Skat-Konferenz 1.0 beta

  1263Skat-Konferenz 0.9 betaDec 04, 20120  

Skat-Konferenz 0.9 beta

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