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Category:Wiki/Software/Science and EngineeringRating:
Version:(alpha 16.08)License:GPL Ver. 3
Author:Edmanuel TorresEMail:support_at_xmol.org
Created:Apr 21, 2012
Updated:Nov 11, 2023
Home Page:http://www.xmol.org/ (3051 visits)
Download:https://github.com/eetorres/xmolview (1333 visits)

Molecular Explorer is a powerful WYSIWYG OpenGL graphical editor with several unique features to visualize structures for atomistic calculations. We are very close to a stable beta release!. The above binary is for Ubuntu 12.10 (64 Bits).

Get the source code from:


Here a short list of features:

+ Load file from CLI.

+ VASP Materials Project format.

+ Generate DL_FIELD molecular structure with DL_POLY format.

+ Periodic and non-periodic systems.

+ Uni/two-dimensional structure scans.

+ Fragment manipulation.

+ Based on the FLTK library therefore very fast and small.

+ Automatic fragmentation of non-bonded parts for counterpoise calculations.

+ Automatic molecular integrity recognition of split structures due periodic boundary conditions.

+ Read several standard files, such as: xyz, pdb, Gaussian, VASP, DL_POLY.

+ Convert structure files between the supported formats.

+ Build periodic systems using images of the unit cell.

+ Series of structures for Potential Energy Surfaces (PES) calculations.

+ Fragment definition to manipulate specific parts of the atomic structures.

+ Display labels for the atomic species (e.g., DL_POLY).

+ Distance and angle tools.

+ Keyboard shortcuts.


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  1198XMolView alpha 7Jun 04, 20120  

XMolView (alpha 7)

  1190XMolView alpha 4May 14, 20120  

XMolView alpha 4

  1181XMolView alpha 1Apr 24, 20120  

Molecular Explorer is a powerful OpenGL graphical editor with several unique features to design structures for atomic calculations.

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From engelsman, 13:47 Apr 09, 2015 (score=3)

The home page is blank, maybe the author can post a new link
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From etorres, 14:28 Apr 10, 2015 (score=3)

The link works fine for me!
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