TorApp Designer 1.0b

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Name:TorApp DesignerPopularity:2%
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The most innovative and flexible tool available to design vector patterns (guilloche) against counterfeiting for banknotes, checks and personal documents.

World's first website as full-featured desktop application. Easy modification with element dependency - Graphic elements can depend on other elements, ex. an ellipse depends on function SIN and a filler can depend on an ellipse. Any adjustment of the ellipse will change the filler and modifications of function SIN will affect the filler and all ellipses.

Flexibility via unification - Fourier series, multi-variable function and bitmap are unified as general function; any graphic item (including Bezier curve) or two general functions are treated as a general curve. Many parameters for guilloche or filter can be any general curve/function.

Orthogonal features and parameters - Different features can be applied to same element in different ways, resulting in almost infinite equivalent features in other softwares.

No installation, automatic upgrade & maintenance, no long term commitment.

This application is based on the FLTK2.


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