flimage 1.13.0

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Version:1.13.0License:FLTK license
Home Page:http://u1400v676.server23.ikayano.de/download (3276 visits)
Download:http://u1400v676.server23.ikayano.de/download (1115 visits)

Image viewer for fltk-1.4/fltk-1.3.

flimage-fltk14-source-1.13.0.zip uploaded.
openjpeg2 does have version 2.2.y. Since version 2.2.0 it is
possible to decode a still image using threads:
 configure.ac changed
 CMakeLists.txt changed
 config.h.cmake changed
 JP2.cxx changed

BUG in read4() in BMP.cxx repaired
Some changes in TIFF.cxx and flimage.cxx for multiimage

FL_Tree used for JPM, JPX, TIFF and PNG files.

Installed and using jasper-master (v2.0.12: https://github.com/mdadams/jasper)


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  1521flimage 1.12.0Mar 30, 20170  

This FLTK application is an image viewer. [The homepage address has changed. Mar 30 2017]

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From greg.ercolano, 10:43 Oct 13, 2020 (score=3)

It appears the "download" link has gone stale; can the author update?
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